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Jesse Aarons trained all summer to become the fastest runner in school, so he's very upset when newcomer Leslie Burke outruns him and everyone else. Despite this and other differences, including that she's rich, he's poor, and she's a city girl, he's a country boy, the two become fast friends. Together, they create Terabithia, a land of monsters, trolls, ogres, and giants and rule as king and queen.

Title:Bridge to Terabithia
Release Date:2007-02-16
Production Countries:United States of America,
Production Co.:Lauren Levine Productions Inc. Walden Media Hal Lieberman Company
Genres:Adventure, Drama, Family,
Casts:Josh Hutcherson, AnnaSophia Robb, Robert Patrick, Zooey Deschanel, Bailee Madison, Kate Butler, Emma Fenton, Latham Gaines, Judy McIntosh, Grace Brannigan, Lauren Clinton, Isabelle Rose Kircher, Patricia Aldersley, Carly Owen, James Gaylyn, Jen Wolfe, Ian Harcourt, Maisy McLeod-Riera, Phil Grieve,
Plot Keywords:sibling relationship, friendship, bullying, neighbor, school, drawing, based on children's book, school bus, imagination, creek, clubhouse, reality vs fantasy, outsider, fantasy world, overflowing with imagination,
Alternative Titles:
El mundo mágico de Terabithia
El mundo mágico de Terabithia
El mundo mágico de Terabithia
Мост в Терабитию
Broen til Terabithia
Bron till Terabitia
Híd Terabithia földjére
I gefyra gia tin Terabithia
Le secret de Terabithia
Most do Terabithii
Most do zeme Terabithia
O Segredo de Terabítia
Ponte para Terabithia
Sild Terabithiasse
Silta salaiseen maahan
Terabithia - et hemmeligt land
Terabithia köprüsü
Un puente hacia Terabithia
Ponte para Terabítia
Le Pont de Térabithia
Мост до Терабития
Die Brücke nach Terabithia