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Sensitive study of a headstrong high school football star who dreams of getting out of his small Western Pennsylvania steel town with a football scholarship. His equally ambitious coach aims at a college position, resulting in a clash which could crush the player's dreams

Title:All the Right Moves
Release Date:1983-10-21
Production Countries:United States of America,
Production Co.:Lucille Ball Productions 20th Century Fox
Genres:Romance, Drama,
Casts:Tom Cruise, Craig T. Nelson, Lea Thompson, Charles Cioffi, Gary Graham, Paul Carafotes, Chris Penn, Sandy Faison, James A. Baffico, Mel Winkler, Walter Briggs, George Betor, Leon, Jonas Chaka, Keith Diamond, Dick Miller,
Plot Keywords:sex, american football, classroom, saxophone, nudity, cheerleader, college, ambition, affection, friendship, sport, high school, marching band, coach, locker room, pool hall, teenager, undressing, drinking, steel worker, pep rally, athletic scholarship, teenage pregnancy, typing class,
Alternative Titles:
Il ribelle
Doğru Hamle