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Danny, an ambitious singing/dancing cat, goes to Hollywood and overcomes several obstacles to fulfill his dream of becoming a movie star.

Title:Cats Don't Dance
Release Date:1997-03-26
Production Countries:United States of America,
Production Co.:Warner Bros. Pictures David Kirschner Productions Turner Feature Animation
Genres:Animation, Comedy, Family, Music,
Casts:Scott Bakula, Jasmine Guy, Natalie Cole, Ashley Peldon, Lindsay Ridgeway,
Plot Keywords:dance, musical, furry, talking animal, anthropomorphism, hollywood, singing, acting, movies,
Alternative Titles:
Les chats ne dansent pas
Danny le chat superstar
Danny, der Kater - Vier Pfoten erobern Hollywood
Gatos Não Sabem Dançar
Katter dansar inte
Oi trellogates tou Hollywood
Os Gatos Não Sabem Dançar
Коты не танцуют
חתולים אינם רוקדים